Complete shall I compare thee to a summer’s day MCQ questions and answers for class 12.

Shall i compare thee to a summer's day MCQ questions and answers

Important MCQ from the chapter the sonnet 18 ” Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day for WBCHSE examination. MCQ question will help students to secure good marks in the H.S examination

Q. The poet’s friend is more lovely and more
a) temperate
b) beautiful
c) bright
d) attractive.
Answer: a) temperate

Q. The darling buds of May are shaken by
a) frost
b) hot sun
c) rough winds
d) violent storm
Answer: c) rough winds

Q. “And often is his gold complexion dimmed”. The word ‘his’ refer to
a) the poet’s friend
b) summer season
c) a summer’s day
d) Sun
Answer: d) Sun

Q. ‘Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s day?’ is
a) a sonnet
b) a lyric
c) a ballad
d) a dramatic monologue
Answer: a) a sonnet

Q. ‘The poet’s friend is expected to grow
a) with time
b) with eternal lines of the poem
c) with the love of the poet
d) with nature’s changing course
Answer: d) with nature’s changing course

Q. ‘Rough winds do shake the –––– buds of May’.
a) daring
b) darling
c) lovely
d) temperate
Answer: b) darling

Q. Rough winds shake the darling
a) flowers
b) buds
c) leaves
d) boughs
Answer: b) buds

Q. ‘So long lives this ………’ – The word ‘this’ refers to
a) the poet’s verse
b) the virtue of the poet’s friend
c) the Summer season
d) the Summer’s day
Answer: a) the poet’s verse

Q. The term ‘eternal summer’ refers to
a) the summer season
b) a day in summer
c) eternal qualities of the poet’s friend
d) the eternal love of the poet
Answer: c) eternal qualities of the poet’s friend

Q. ‘The eye of heaven’ refers to
a) Moon
b) Sun
c) Star
d) God
Answer: b) Sun

Q. The rhyme scheme of “Shall I compare three” is
a) ab ab
b) abba
c) aa bb
d) abcd
Answer: a) ab ab

Q. The poet compared his young friend to a
a) winter’s day
b) spring day
c) autumn day
d) summer’s day
Answer: d) summer’s day

Q. Nature’s changing course is
a) temperate
b) mild
c) untrimmed
d) lonely
Answer: c) untrimmed

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