Do As Directed Textual Grammar For Class 12 WBCHSE.

textual grammar for class 12

Textual Grammar for class 12 : In WBCHSE English-B subject,Textual Grammar portion carries 10 marks. Out of this 10 Marks, six questions of each 1 mark are set as ‘Do as directed’. Given below are some of the ‘Do as directed’ questions which were asked in previous H.S Examination.

Do as Directed From “The Eyes Have It”

Q :The man who had entered the compartment broke into my reverie. (Split into two Simple sentences) (2015)

Sentence-1 The man had entered the compartment.
Sentence -2 He broke into my reverie.

Q: This is the best time. (Use the Positive degree of best) (H.S 2015)
Answer: There is no other time as good as this.

Q: A man, getting into the compartment, stammered an apology. (Split into two simple sentences) (H.S 2016)
Answer: a. A man got into the compartment b. He stammered an apology.

Q: I found the window.(Change the voice) (H.S 2016)
Answer: The window was found by me.

Q: She was silent. (Rewrite as a negative sentence) (H.S 2016)
Answer: She was not talking.

Q: “We’ll soon be at your station, “I said to the girl. (Turn into Indirect speech) (H.S 2017)
Answer: I said to the girl that they would soon be at her station.

Q: As soon as she left the train, she would forget our brief encounter. (Turn into a negative sentence) (H.S 2018)
Answer: No sooner had she left the train she would forget our brief encounter.

Do as directed from “Thank You Ma’am”.

Q: “Then I won’t turn you loose,” said the woman to the boy. (Turn into Indirect speech) (H.S 2016)
Answer: The woman said to the boy that she would not turn him loose.

Q: She did not leave the door shut. (Turn into an affirmative sentence) (H.S 2016)
Answer: She left the door open.

Q: The water dripping from his face, the boy looked at her. (Split into two separate sentences) (H.S 2017)
Answer: a. The water was dripping from his face. b. The boy looked at her.

Q: “Was I bothering you when I turned that corner ?”, asked the woman. (Turn into Indirect speech) (H.S 2018)
Answer: The woman asked if/whether she was bothering him when she turned that corner.

Q: The door was open. (Turn into a negative sentence) (H.S 2019)
Answer: The door was not closed/shut.

Q: I wanted a pair of blue suede shoes. (Turn into a Complex sentence) (H.S 2015)
Answer: I wanted a pair of suede shoes which was blue in colour.

Q: I would teach you right from wrong. (Change the voice)
Answer: You would be taught right from wrong by me.

Q: It was about eleven o’clock at night, and she was walking alone.(Change into a complex sentence).
Answer: When it was about eleven o’clock at night, she was walking alone.

Do as direct from “Strong Roots”.

Q: This is not a correct approach. (Rewrite as an affirmative sentence) (H.S 2016)
Answer: This is an incorrect approach.

Q: My parents were widely regarded as an ideal couple. (Change the voice) (H.S 2017)
Answer: People widely regarded my parents as an ideal couple.

Q: I do not recall the exact number of people she fed every day. (Turn into an affirmative sentence) ( H.S 2017)
Answer: I can hardly recall the exact number of people she fed every day

Q: Mine was a very secure childhood. (Rewrite as a negative sentence) ( H.S 2017)
Answer: Mine was not a very insecure childhood.

Q: My father could convey complex spiritual concepts in very simple, down-to-earth Tamil. (Change the voice) (H.S 2018)
Answer: Complex spiritual concepts could be conveyed to me in very simple down-to-earth Tamil by my father.

Q: She would place a banana leaf before me. (Change the voice)
Answer: A banana leaf would be placed before me by her.

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Do as directed from ” Three Questions”.

Q: The Tsar said, “I come to you, wise man, for an answer to my questions.” (Change into indirect speech) (H.S 2019)
Answer: The Tsar said to the wise man that he had come to him for an answer to his questions.

Q: The man would have attacked you. (Change the voice) (H.S 2019)
Answer : You would have been attacked by the man.

Q: I wished to kill you. (Use the underlined word as a noun and rewrite) (H.S 2018)
Answer : I had a wish to kill you.

Q: I was the most important man. (Rewrite the sentence using the positive degree of important) (H.S 2017)
Answer: No other man was as important as I.

Q: “You have already been answered”, said the hermit to the Tsar. (Turn into Indirect speech) (H.S 2015)
Answer:The hermit told the Tsar that he had already been answered.

Q: The hermit was digging the ground. (Change the Voice) (H.S 2015)
Answer: The ground was being dug by the hermit.

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