The Poetry of earth MCQ for class 12 WBCHSE.

the poetry of earth mcq

Important The Poetry of earth MCQ ( Multiple Choice Questions) for West Bengal HS students. The poem was written by John Keat.

Q: The birds hide in trees because of

a) hot sun
b) rain
c) cold
d) frost
Answer: a) hot sun

Q: The Grasshooper takes the lead in

a) winter
b) summer
c) autumn
d) spring
Answer: b) summer

Q: The Cricket’s song comes from –

a) the stone
b) the meadows
c) the trees
d) the grassy hills
Answer: a) the stone

q: When the birds are faint with the hot sun, they rest

a) beneath some pleasant weed
b) among some grassy hills.
c) in cooling trees
d) in the new-mown mead.
Answer: c) in cooling trees

Q: The silence is wrought by

a) frost
b) warmth of the stone
c) hot sun
d) the cricket’s song
Answer: a) frost

Q: The seasons that are portrayed in the poem ‘The poetry of Earth are’

a) summer and winter
b) autumn and spring
c) summer and spring
d) autumn and winter
Answer: a) summer and winter

Q: ‘From the ________there shrills the Cricket’s song’.

a) hedge
b) mead
c) cooling trees
d) stove
Answer: d) stove

Q: ‘….he has never done with his delights’ — the words ‘he’ refers to

a) the bird
b) the grasshopper
c) the cricket
d) the humming insec
Answer: b) the grasshopper

Q: Grasshopper takes the lead in –

a) Winter luxury
b) Autumn luxury
c) Spring luxury
d) Summer luxury
Answer: d) Summer luxury

Q: The frost has wrought –

a) increasing warmth
b) increasing cold
c) silence
d) deligh
Answer: c) silence

Q: The birds are faint because of

a) summer luxury
b) the hot sun
c) the warmth of the stove
d) the frost
Answer: b) the hot sun

Q: In ‘The Poetry of Earth’, the poet refers to the ‘voice’ of

a) Grasshopper
b) Cricket
c) bird
d) nature
Answer: a) Grasshopper

Q: The Octect of the poem “Poetry of Earth” is about

a) summer and grasshopper
b) summer
c) grasshopper
d) summer and birds

Q: Poetry of Earth has

a) a sestate and a quatrain
b) an octat and a sestate
c) 3 quatrains and a couplet
d) none of the above
Answer: b) an octat and a sestate

Q: The sleeping man thinks of the grasshopper when he hears the voice of –

a) the termite
b) the birds
c) the cricket
d) the bees
Answer: c) the cricket

Q: The grasshopper sings in the……..

a) trees
b) flowers
c) new-mown mead
d) house
Answer: c) new-mown mead

Q: The poetry of earth is never

a) dead
b) alive
c) continuous
d) audible
Answer: a) dead

Q: …… never done with his delights

a) cricket
b) grasshopper
c) birds
d) butterfly
Answer: b) grasshopper

Q: The shrill voice from behind the stone belongs to the –

a) grasshopper
b) birds
c) cricket
d) mouse
Answer: c) cricket

Q: The song of the cricket, to the ear of a drowsy person resembles the song of the –

a) grasshopper
b) cuckoo
c) nightingle
d) sky lark
Answer: a) grasshopper

Q: “The Poetry of Earth” is

a) a lyric
b) an ode
c) a sonnet
d) a didactic poem
Answer: c) a sonnet

Q: The cricket’s song arises from the…

a) hedge
b) cooling trees
c) pleasant weeds
d) stove
Answer: d) stove

Q: When tired out with fun, the grasshopper rests beneath –

a) the cooling trees
b) some pleasant weed
c) the hot sun
d) the hedges
Answer: b) some pleasant weed

Q: In winter the frost around creates…

a) commotion
b) silence
c) shrill sound
d) drowsiness
Answer: b) silence

Q: The birds in summer –

a) fly under the hot sun
b) hide in cooling trees
c) never stop singing
d) rests beneath the weed
Answer: b) hide in cooling trees