Online learning in the time of Corona Pandemic. 6 important e- learning website

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Where and how to learn during Lock down?

Complete shutdown of daily life due COVID19 outbreak. It is some thing that we have not experienced before. All the hustle and bustle of life including school are close due to corona. Schools once bustling with sound of students are now silence. However teaching and learning has continued not traditionally but virtually.

With uncertainty ahead. Schools and colleges close. E-learning is way ahead.As most of the Indian have access to mobile and internet ,E learning is way ahead for teaching and learning during nation wide lock down.

India is not new to E- learning. Many universities, school boards and private educational institute had been using online Platform to educate their pupils from the long time back. With spread of COVID19 and Lock down, more and more universities,state boards and Schools are making use of number of option to deliver online teaching to the student.

Below are the list of some India website providing free educational content, Study Materials, Video lecture for the student.These website are useful for K12 and college students.

A. Epathshala (Web/App)

EPathshala is an online educational portal that caters to need of K12. It was jointly initiated by Ministry of Human Resource Development(MHRD), Government of India and National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) and was launched in November 2015.

Through ePathshala,the students can get access to educational material, such as textbooks, audio, video, periodicals and a variety of other print and non-print materials. Student can access E book from class 1 to 12. Books are available in multiple language such English, Hindi, Urdu.

B.SWAYAM (Web/App)
Website :

Swayam online learning portal was launched by Ministry of Human Resource Development(MHRD). It is design to achieve the three cardinal principles of Education Policy viz., access, equity and quality.
Swayam host all course which are taught in class room from class 9 to post graduation level.
Courses available in this portal are free for learning. however learners wanting a SWAYAM certificate can register for the final proctored exams by paying certain fee. In SWAYAM courses are available in many language. Students of NIOS , IGNOU can greatly benefit from it


SWAYAMPRABHA is free DTH channel that telecast educational content 24×7. Content at SWAYAMPRABHA are provided by NIOS,NCERT,UGC, NPTEL IGNOU ,IITs and CEC. The DTH channel cover post graduate, undergraduate , school Level (9-12 levels) and modules for teacher training also.Students can also access archive video.Student pursuing course from IGNOU, NIOS and other Open Board can greatly benefit from the content available at SWAYAMPRABHA.

D. eGyankosh: (Web)

eGyankosh is popular Educational E-portal for the student pursuing course from IGNOU. Student can access free of cost study materials of all the course offered by IGNOU. Student enrolled in Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) of IGNOU can also access study study materials.

E. Banglarshiksha (Web)

Banglar Shiksha is West Bengal School Education Department(WBSED) website. It has started online class room for the student of West Bengal amid ongoing lock down. Students of class V-X and class XI-XII can access activity Task, E-learning Video. The Benglar Shiksha Portal was inaugurated in February last year with the aim to provide real time Data on WB board school.

F. Khanacademy (Web/App)
Website :

Khan Academy was established in 2008 as a non ptofit education organisation and is one of the best free online educational portal. Khan Academy offers personalised learning resources for all ages. Khan Academy produces short lesson videos which are supplemented by practices exercise and materials for educators. Course available on Khan Academy are History ,Computer Science, Health Sciences , Economics ,Physics ,Business Management, Calculus ,Chemistry ,Mathematics ,Biology etc.