Karma important Questions and Answers for class 11.

Karma important question and answer

Essay type Question and Answer “Karma” By Khushwant Singh for class 11.
Short Story karma important question for examination.

1.Describe the encounter of Sir Mohan Lal with the English soldiers.

Answer: Sir Mohan Lal found himself a seat in an empty first class compartment, He was disappointed because there were none to impress with his perfect English accent. While he was waiting for the train to move, two British soldiers entered into Sir Mohan Lal’s compartment. One soldier told another to let him down. Both the soldier started shouting at Mohan Lal, to get down. Sir Mohan Lal tried to talk to the soldiers, in a way that only an Englishman would, strict but polite. The soldiers threw Mohan Lal out of the train.

2.Why do you think the story is entitled “Karma”
Or: Bring out the significance of the title “Karma”              (WBCHSE-2016)

Answer: “Karma” is a beautiful short story written by Khushwant Singh Its purpose is to show the ethical consequences of a person’s good and bad actions. The word ‘Karma” means “Deed”. A man is rewarded and punished in life for the work he does.The story deals with the pride of Sir Lala Mohan. Sir Lal Mohan prides himself on his English manners and culture. He has embraced English culture so much that he hates India and every things belonging to India. But his sense of pride is punished when he is thrown out of the railway compartment by two English soldiers. That is why the story is entitled “Karma”

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3.Give a brief description of lady Lal.                          (WBCHSE- 2015/ 2018)

Answer: Lachmi is Mohan Lal’s wife and the second important character in the story “Karma”. Lachmi is totally opposite character than Mohan lal. Lachmi is a typically Indian wife. she is not ashamed of her Indian root. lachmi is in mid forties, fat and short in height. She is fond of gossip. Unlike her husband, she wears dirty traditional sari and loves to chew betel leaves . When it comes to the woman’s personality, her main traits are her modesty as she knows where she belongs in the Indian society, and her carelessness with regards to everything around her.

4.” He was dismayed”– Who was he? When was he dismayed and why? What did he do then?    (WBCHSE-2020)

Answer: Here “he” is Sir Mohan lal. When Sir Mohan walked into his train compartment,he  was dismayed to find his the compartment empty.
Sir Mohan Lal was found of conversation. He liked to talk on almost any subject like a cultured Englishman.He was expecting an  impressive conversation with fellow travelers in his compartment. As the compartment was empty, he was disappointed.
Sir Mohan lal with a heavy heart  sat down in a corner of his compartment and opened the news paper ” The Times” which he had read several time before.

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