MCQ of ‘Thank You Ma’am’ for WBCHSE (Class 12)

thank you ma'am

Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) with answer from the chapter ‘Thank You Ma’am’. Also MCQ from Thank You Ma’am’ asked in previous WBCHSE HS exam incuded.

MCQ from Thank You Ma’am.

Q: Mrs. Luella Bates Washington gave Roger
a) ten dollars
b) eleven dollars
c) five dollars
d) six dollars
Answer: a) ten dollars

Q: The woman shook the boy until his teeth
a) fell
b) ached
c) rattled
d) broke
Answer: c) rattled

Q: Roger was afraid that he might be taken to
a) police station
b) jail
c) court
d) school
Answer: b) jail

Q: The woman picked the boy up by
a) his collar
b) his shirt sleeve
c) his blue jeans
d) his shirt front
Answer: d) his shirt front

Q: The boy lost balance and fell on
a) the road
b) the sidewalk
c) the woman
d) a bridge
Answer: b) the sidewalk

Q: The boy tried to snatch the pocketbook because
a) he wanted to buy food
b) he wanted to buy medicine
c) he wanted a pair of shoes
d) he wanted new clothes
Answer: c) he wanted a pair of shoes

Q: The woman simply turned around and
a) picked up her purse
b) picked the boy up
c) kicked him
d) shook him until his teeth rattled.
Answer: c) kicked him

Q: The large purse that the woman was carrying had
a) a thin strap
b) a thick strap
c) a long strap
d) a short strap
Answer: c) a long strap

Q: The women asked Roger to let the water run until it gets
a) hot
b) warm
c) cold
d) chilled
Answer: b) warm

Q: The cake that was offered to Roger, cost
a) five cent
b) ten-cent
c) six-cent
d) seven cent
Answer: b) ten-cent

Q: The boy lost balance because of
a) his own weight
b) The weight of the purse
c) his own weight and the weight of the purse combined
d) The weight of the woman
Answer: c) his own weight and the weight of the purse combined

Q: Mrs. Jones worked at a
a) hotel beauty shop
b) medical store
c) garment shop
d) departmental store
Answer: a) hotel beauty shop

Q: Mrs. Jones was carrying a heavy
a) suitcase
b) pocket book
c) briefcase
d) duffle bag
Answer: d) duffle bag

Q: The boy wanted to buy (H.S 2017)
a) blue suit shoes
b) black suede shoes
c) a pair of blue suede shoes
d) black suit shoes
Answer: c) a pair of blue suede shoes

Q: In another corner of the room behind the screen was
a) a box of ice
b) a gas plate and an icebox
c) ten-cent cake
d) lima beans and ham
Answer: b) a gas plate and an icebox

Q: On entering her home, Mrs. Bates asked Roger to
a) wash his face
b) eat dinner
c) bring groceries
d) run through the open door
Answer: a) wash his face

Q: If the boy had been Mrs. Bates’ son she would have taught him
a)left from right
b) right from wrong
c) right from left
d) wrong from right
Answer: b) right from wrong

Q: Mrs. Bates said that she was not going to
a) turn the boy to the police
b) let the boy return home
c) turn the boy loose
d) allow the boy to steal
Answer: c) turn the boy loose

Q: When Mrs. Bates was returning back from work Roger
a) ran up to her
b) ran to her side
c) ran up behind her
d) ran away from her
Answer: c) ran up behind her

Q: After getting to her door, Mrs. Bates first entered
a) kitchenette
b) rear of the house
c) drawing room
d) a hall
Answer: d) a hall

Q: The age of the boy who tried to snatch Mrs. Bates’ purse was
a) fourteen or fifteen
b) twelve or thirteen
c) fifteen or sixteen
d) seventeen or eighteen
Answer: a) fourteen or fifteen

Q: The full name of Mrs. Luella Bates was
a) Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones
b) Mrs. Washington Jones
c) Mrs. Luella Bates Washington
d) Mrs. Washington Jone
Answer: a) Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones

Q: Mrs. Bates was walking alone at
a) Eleven o’clock at night
b) one o’clock at noon
c) one o’clock at night
d) twelve o’clock at noon
Answer:a) Eleven o’clock at night

Q: Bending over the sink, the boy, Roger asked Mrs.Jones whether she (HS 2018)
a) was going to take him to jail
b) was going to punish him
c) was going to reward him
d) was going to take care of him
Answer: a) was going to take him to jail

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