Quick guide to Asleep in the Valley MCQ with answers for class 12

Asleep in the valley MCQ

Asleep in the Valley MCQ : We have compiled some of the most important MCQ from the poem “Asleep in the valley” by Arthur Rimbaud for the student of WBCHSE class 12.

  1. In the expression “they fill the hollow full of light”, ‘hollow’ suggests —
    a) the stream
    b) the glade
    c) the valley
    d) the hills
    Answer: c) the valley
  2. The soldier’s head rested on the pillow made of
    a) long strands of silver
    b) fern
    c) warm sun
    d) humming insects
    Answer: b) fern
  3. The soldier was looking pale in the
    a) warm green sun soaked bed
    b) the heavy undergrowth
    c) fern beneath his head
    d) long strands of silver
    Answer: a) warm green sun soaked bed
  4. The soldier had a smile on his face that resembled
    a) a leader
    b) an infant
    c) a teenager
    d) a statesman
    Answer: b) an infant
  5. The soldier had in his side
    a) humming insects
    b) bed of flowers
    c) two red holes
    d) heavy undergrowth.
  6. The smile of the soldier, in the poem is
    a) witty
    b) gentle
    c) shrewd
    d) kind
    Answer: b) gentle
  7. The soldier lay with his hands –
    a) at his sides
    b) behind his head
    c) on his head
    d) on his breast
    Answer: d) on his breast
  8. The soldier’s smile is –
    a) Silly
    b) Infantile
    c) Satiric
    d) Vain
    Answer: b) Infantile
  9. The soldier’s feet were among
    a) flowers
    b) fern
    c) grass
    d) bushes
    Answer: b) Infantile
  10. The valley is filled with
    a) fog
    b) sunlight
    c) moonlight
    d) insects
    Answer: b) sunlight
  11. The young soldier lies –
    a) with his mouth closed
    b) with a frown
    c) open-mouthed
    d) open-eyed
    Answer: c) open-mouthed
  12. The bullet wounds are on the soldier’s (H.S 2018)
    a) chest
    b) head
    c) sides
    d) leg
    Answer: c) sides
  13. One hand of the soldier is by his side, the other is on his –
    a) eyes
    b) breast
    c) stomach
    d) on his other side.
    Answer: b) breast
  14. “Asleep in the valley” is
    a) a romantic lyric
    b) a patriotic lyric
    c) an anti-war lyric
    d) a nature poem
    Answer: b) breast
  15. The poet asks Nature to keep the soldier
    a) cold
    b) warm
    c) comfortable
    d) safe
    Answer: b) warm
  16. The two words which describe the valley are
    a) bright and green
    b) small and bright
    c) small and green
    d) warm and bright
    Answer: c) small and green
  17. The Soldier is
    a) young
    b) very young
    c) old
    d) middle-aged
    Answer: b) very young
  18. From the mountain top stream
    a) The sun’s rays
    b) Snow flakes
    c) rain
    d) a water fall
    Answer : a) The sun’s rays
  19. The poem “Asleep in the Valley” is a —
    a) lyric
    b) sonnet
    c) epic
    d) elegy
    Answer: b) sonnet
  20. The phrase “long strands of silver” means —
    a) the valley
    b) the glade
    c) the stream
    d) the hills

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