Karma (Multiple Choice Question)MCQ questions and answers “Karma” by Khushwant Singh

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Karma MCQ-Karma is a short story written by Khushwant Singh. It is one of the short stories included in WBCHSE class 11 English -B syllabus. Below is the important Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with answers of the short story Karma. Also MCQs of previous years exam are included.

Complete the sentences by choosing the correct answers from the choice given choice.

1.  Sir Mahan Lal’s ways and manners were meant to produce the impression. (WBCHS Class 11 Sample-2013)

(a) That he was an Englishman.                 
(b) That he was as anglicized and refined as an English gentleman.          
(c) That he belonged to Indian nobility.                       
(d) That he was not an Indian nobleman.
Answer: (a) That he was an Englishman.

2.The arrival of train did not disturb Sir Mohan Lal’s (2016)

(a) Peace
(B) Understanding
(c) Sangfroid
(d) Conversation
Answer: (c) Sangfroid

3.  When Sir Mohan saw two English soldiers walking towards his coupe, he decided to (Sample-2013)

 (a) Shoot them out.                                                            
(b) Welcome them warmly.
(c) Vent his anger on them.                                                
(d) Ignore them with an expressionless matter -of-factness.
Answer: (b) Welcome them warmly.

4. The inter class Zenana compartment was   (WBCHSE class-11 -2014)

(a) Next to the guard’s van                                                         
(b) just after the engine.
(c) At the tail end of the train.                                                   
(d) In the middle of the train.
Answer: (a) Next to the guard’s van  

5. Lachmi stopped by a hawker’s stall to buy                                   (WBCHSE-2015)

(a) Chapati                                                                         
(b) Pan Parag
(c) Betel leaves                                                                       
(d) mango pickle.
Answer: (c) Betel leaves  

6. Which act of the British soldiers finally angers Sir Mohan Lal?                           (WB H.S Sample-2013)

(a) Sir Mohan lal was outraged by their refusal to read The Times
(b) Sir Mohan lal was outraged by their speaking to him in broken Hindustani.
(c) Sir Mohan Lal was outraged by their throwing out of his suitcase and other belonging on the platform.
(d) Sir Mohan Lal was outraged by their ignorance of his Balliol tie.
Answer: (c) Sir Mohan Lal was outraged by their throwing out of his suitcase and other belonging on the platform.

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7. Sir Mohan Lal’s tie was special because (2020)

(a) It was gift from his wife.                      
(b) It was gifted by a British Soldier               
(c) It consisted  the national emblem of India                       
(d) It bore the emblem of the Balliol College of Oxford.
Answer: (d) It bore the emblem of the Balliol College of Oxford.

8. Lady Mohan lal offered the collie

(a) Ten paise.                     
(b) Twelve paise.            
(c) Twenty paise.             
(d) Thirty paise.
Answer: (b) Twelve paise.

9. Sir Mohan lal had lived abroad for

(a)  Four years                  
(b) Five years                   
(c) Six years                       
(d) Eight years.
Answer: (b) Five years  

10. Sir Mohan Lal kept with him a copy of

(a) The times.                   
(b) The telegraph.          
(c) The statement.         
(d) The observer
Answer: (a) The times.

11. On her way to the Zenana compartment, lady Lal stopped by a

(a) Food stalls.                  
(b) Book stall                     
(c) Hawker’s stall.           
(d) Tea stalls.
Answer: (c) Hawker’s stall.

12. Sir Mohan Lal had his education at

(a) Oxford University.  
(b) Cambridge University.           
(c) Punjab university.    
(d) Delhi university.
Answer : (a) Oxford University

13. Sir Mohan Lal always wore a

(a) red tie                           
(b) blue tie                         
(c) black tie                        
(d) Balliol tie
Answer : (d) Balliol tie

14. Lachmi thanked God for

(a) The favour of a filling meal.
(b) Safe journey                          
(c) Getting a seat in the train.    
(d) The company of coolie.    
Answer: (a) The favour of a filling meal.           

15. What is the source of story ‘Karma”?

(a) The story of Sikhs     
(b) The Collected stories              
(c) The voice of God      
(d) Train to Pakistan.
Answer : (d) Train to Pakistan.

16. The English soldiers whom Sir Mohan Lal had to face were

(a) Tom and Bill                
(b)Bill and Jim                            
(c) Jim and Tom                               
(d) Bill and Sidda.
Answer : (b)Bill and Jim   

17. ‘Sir Mohan Lal smoothed his Balliol tie for umpteenth time.”  Here “umpteenth time” means.

(a) Fourteen times           
(b) Fifteen time                           
(c) sixteen time.                              
(d) A number of times.
Answer: (d) A number of times.

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