WBCHSE English Question Paper for class 12.

WBCHSE english


  1.Choose and write the correct alternative,                                                           1×4

( i ) When the girl boarded the train. the narrator liked the girl’s- (a) voice, b) the sound of her slippers. (c) sound of her voice and even of her slippers  (d) her perfume
(ii) As a boy Abdul Kalam in appearance was (a) nondescript (b) striking (c) revolting (d) handsome.
(iii) Langston Hughes was a famous writer and activist of the (a) eighteenth century. (b) nineteenth century. (c) twentieth century, (d) twenty first century.
(iv) The man asked for something to drink – (a) after the blood ceased flowing, (b) when the blood was flowing.(c) before the blood ceased flowing, (d) when the bandage was removed.

2. Answer any four of the following questions, each in one complete Sentence,                  1×4

a) How do you know that the perfume from the hair was tantalising to the author?
(b) Why was Abdul Kalam’s mother considered to be of a more distinguished lineage ?
(c) What did Luella Bates Jones tell the boy as he had  put himself in contact with her?
(d) What are Tolstoy’s  novels marked by ?
(e)  When does the Tsar  first repeat his questions with what response from the hermit?
(f) Why was the girl happy that it was a short journey ?
(g) What was Abdul Kalam convinced about when taken to evening prayers and why ?
(h) What did Luella Bates Jones not do when she had a meal with Roger?

3.Choose  and write the correct alternatives.                                                               1×4

(i) The tone of poem ‘ On Killing a Tree’ is  (a) ironical, (b) satirical,(c) farcical. (d) ironical and sarcastic.
(ii) The first eight lines of ‘ Asleep in a  Valley’ written as a Petrarchan sonnet is called (a) sestet,(b) octave,(c) quatrain , (d) couplet.
(iii) ‘Nor shall Death brag’ Here ‘brag’ means  (a) boast (b)shout (c) talk about (d) show off.
(iv) John Keats is a poet of the  (a) first generation of Romantic poets (b)  second generation of Romantic poets (c) third generation of Romantic poets (d) poets who started the Romantic  movement.

4. Answer any four of the following in one sentence

(a) Why does Gieve Patel say that one has to hack and chop a tree ?
(b) What is the significance of the word ‘ asleep’ in  the poem ‘Asleep in a Valley’ ?
(c) How does the beauty of  Shakespeare’s  friend become immortal ?
(d) How is the root pulled out entirely ?
(e) What does the Sun do to the valley and the soldier?
(f) What does the Grasshopper do when the birds are quiet?
(g) What sort of sonnet  is ‘Shall I Compare thee to a Summer ‘s Day ‘ and what is the verse division ?
(h) Who are the musicians of the earth according to Keats?

5. Choose and write the correct alternative:

(a) Squeezer is overshot. Over shot refers to a defect in the   (i)eye (ii) ears (iii) teeth (iv) jaws.
(b) Chubukov says that regarding  other dogs  Lornov is (i) jealous  (ii) hateful (iii) loving (iv) contemptuous
(c) Chubukov  feels that  Lomov with his palpitations  should not (i) go tracking animals (ii) sit at home (iii) fight  with  people (iv) lose his temper
(d)When Natalya hears about the purpose of Lomov’s  visit , she starts (i) wailing (ii) sobbing quietly (iii) blubbering (iv) weeping occasionally .

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