WBCHSE Model English Question Paper for class 12.

WBCHSE english

WBCHSE English-B Model Question Paper : Find West Bengal Board H.S English-B Model question paper for class 12. HS English model Paper will help students to secure good marks in H.S exam. WBCHSE Model English question paper is the best source to prepare for final exam. Practicing more and more question papers of previous year and Model paper will help students to gain confidence in the subject and secure good marks in English.


Part-A (60 Marks)

1. Answer any two of the following questions each in about 100 words: 6×2

(a) “ I was prepared to sit there for almost any length of time”. Why was the speaker ready to sit there for any length of time? What was the conversation of the speaker with her about?                     2+4
(b) What was one of the most vivid memories that  Abdul Kalam had of his early childhood ? What idea of life lived then, does the picture convey ? Give instances of such harmony from the text.        1+1+4
(c)  Describe how  the Tsar nursed the wounded man . What was the consequence of it ?           3+3
(d) ‘ You are going  to remember Luella Bates Jones ‘. What leads the speaker  to say  this ? Why do you  think  that the boy would  remember  Luella Bates Jones ?                                                                   1+5

2. Answer any two of the following questions each in about 100 words:                                         6×2

(a) How has the tree grown ?  What are the first and second attempts  to kill it  and with  what consequence ? What is the poet  trying  to convey through  the poem ?                                             2+3+1
(b) How is the beauty of Shakespeare’s  friend  superior  to a  summer’s  day ? How does his beauty escapes  the ravages of time ?                                                                                                                       4+2
(c) What is ‘ poetry of the earth’ ? Show how it never dies .                                                    1+5
(d) Show how  Nature is live and presents  a contrast to the dead solider .                                6

3.Answer any one of the following questions each in about 100 words :                                             6×2

(a)  How is the institution of marriage presented in the play ‘ proposal’?
(b) What impression of Natalya  do you get from the play ‘proposal’?
(c) What are the differences of opinion that Natalya and Lomov  have of their respective dogs ?

4.Do as directed: 1×6=6

(a) The narrator  asked the passenger , “ Can you tell me – did she keep her hair  long or short ? ( Change to indirect speech)
(b) Very few men were as renowned as the hermit  for wisdom. ( Change to superlative degree)
(c) Then it will be washed this evening  by you . (Change the voice)
(d)His feet among the flowers, he sleeps.(Change to complex sentence)
(e) You are simply joking. (Rewrite using noun form of joking)
(f) My father had neither  much formal education, nor  much  health;  despite these  disadvantages  , he possessed  great wisdom and a true generosity of spirit.( Split into simple sentences)

B.Fill  in the blanks with appropriate articles and/or prepositions:                                       1/2×6

(a)  Whenever  they are in trouble they start looking _____  someone. Whenever  they reach _____  impasse ,  they look _____  someone _____  show them _____  way _____ .

C. Correct the error in the following sentence by replacing the underlined word with the right one from the options given below:                                                                                                     1×1

She  shook  him until his teeth rattling
(Options: rattles/rattled/had rattled)

5. Read the following passage and answer  the questions that follow :

I had three close friends in my childhood   ___   Ramanadha  Sastry , Aravindan and Sivaprakasan.
All these boys were from orthodox Hindu, Brahmin  families, not a  Muslim like me. As children none  of us ever felt any differences and upbringing.
One  day when I was in the fifth standard at the Rameswaram Elementary School, a new  teacher came to our class . I used to wear a cap which marked me as a Muslim, and I always sat in the front row next  to  the  Ramanadha  Sastry , who wore the sacred thread . The new teacher could not stomach the idea of the son of the Hindu priest Lakshmana Sastry , sitting with a Muslim boy . In accordance with our social  ranking  as the new  teacher saw it , I was asked to go and sit on the back bench . I felt very sad , and so did  Ramanadha  Sastry. He looked utterly downcast as I shifted to my seat  in the last row.
After  school, we went home and told our respective  parents about the incidents.  Lakshmana  Sastry  summoned  the teacher  , and in our presence told the teacher  that  he should not spread poison  of social  inequality  and  communal intolerance in the  minds of innocent children . He bluntly told the teacher either to apologies or quit the school and the island .  Not only did  the  teacher  regret his behaviour  but also was ultimately reformed.

A. State whether the following statements are true or false . Write T OR F .                                   1×4

(a)  Ramanadha was Lakhshmana Sastry’s son .
(b) The friends lived on an Island .
(c) The friends kept incident that happened at school a secret .
(d) The teacher continued  being communal minded.

B. Answer each of the following questions in about 30 words :                                                      2×4

(i) How did the teacher understand that the two boys sitting next to each other were of different religion ?
(ii) Why were the two boys unhappy ?
(iii) Why was the teacher asked to apologies ?
(iv) Who do you think is the author of this passage ? Why do you think so ? ( Give any one reason)

6.A. Suppose  yours school has organised  for the poor section of  society , a social welfare programme where you have held classes for children , taken them for an outing , arranged for a free medical check up, distributed medicines or helped in any other way. Write a report in about 150-200 words to be published in your school magazine on how successful the whole programme was and how it needs to be repeated . 8+2

Or, B. Write a letter as librarian of your school to Messrs. Dasgupta and Company , 15 College Street , Kolkata 700073 to order some books , compact discs and stationary items for the school . Specify the items and the quantity required . 8+2

Or, C. Write a précis of the following passage . Add a suitable title .                                         8+2

Curiosity is a certain and permanent characteristic  of an alert mind. It often prompts us to try to know things for knowing’s sake. It  was , is and will be at the back of every advance on the path of knowledge . It opens new prospects and produces newer interests to further progress . We climb a mountain to have a view of the plains . We rush to the sea-cost in a storm to watch the waves . Tourists with means travel to remote corners of the world to look at the ruins. That is to satisfy curiosity . The more curiosity in a man , the greater is his eagerness to know the why and  wherefore.  It may be described as the thirst of the soul, which inflames and torments.
Science was the first , the nursling of necessity. Then, as the demand of the body for food and drink was satisfied , the mind grew curious. Therefore , science  is also the daughter of curiosity. All great discoverers and scientist are known to have been inquisitive. Newton’s mind was alert . One day he was resting beneath an apple tree. An apple fell. Now Newton’s laws of motion still governs the mechanical world.
Livingstone explored the dark continent , Magellan voyaged round the world, archaeologists dug out the buried cities of Pompei and Herculaneoms  to satisfy their and mankind’s curiosity .